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Boring Brands Get Forgotten.

In order to level up your business, design a brand strategy with a name worth remembering.

Let's build your brand

We'll work together to:

1. Design your brand strategy roadmap.

The roadmap is a crafted guide used to best serve your brand and customers. It guides your tone of voice, direction and visuals your brand uses to position itself in the market.

2. Find a name that fits the strategy.

A brand name is a reflection of who you are. Finding the right name for your brand will help connection and engagement. Tribe Notion creates creatively considered strategic company, product, and service names.

3. Bring the visual identity to life.

The identity may exist as a new logo or a refreshed website, that reflects the messaging and voice, while servicing your ideal target audience.

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Create the desire to belong to your brand tribe.

Embody the idea your brand represents beyond the products or services you offer. Standing for something beyond a selling price builds association, trust and loyalty.

Don't simply exist in the culture you serve, learn to become the thought leader and lead a tribe of people who believe what you do.

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Get to know your customers

Do you know who your brand best serves? Take time to discover who your ideal clients are, what they want, how they think, what makes them happy & what drives them. Do you provide value for them by interacting and associating with your brand?

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Recent work

Miss Lily
Sukuma & Surf


Leilah Colley

Overall, Mark showed me that he cares about every step of the process - he communicated well with me; put in a lot of hours for the sake of perfecting the finished product; even checking in and helping me after it was published. He wasn’t afraid to ask for more from me when it came to details: all in the name of painting the perfect picture for my brand, which, after seeing it up online, I am hugely grateful for!

Miss Lily Wellness Centre

Haseena Peer

Mark designed branding and logos for two of my businesses. It speaks for itself that I am a repeat customer. What I liked, was that Mark was interested in my personal ethos and wove that into the vision of each respective business to come up with logos that truly reflected what I wanted to achieve. Mark is patient and went back to the drawing board tirelessly until I was happy.

Owner, Wanderlust Collectables