What is the process?

Process Predicts Success

As a small brand strategy consultancy, we rely on a robust process. This brings accountability, it allows us to check and validate our thoughts. Process leaves secrets for us to build on in the future. Let's guide our efforts by the the reasons why we seek to change the lives of our customers and audience. If we are caught up in the tyranny of how something should be done, we choose to ignore why we initially chose to do it.

Discovery conversation process: note taking

Brand Discovery

Conversations and exercises to discover key attributes about your brand and the goals you would like to achieve. We will work through your brand attributes, looking at things like the culture, atmosphere and X-factor our brand brings.
We will discover who your core customers are and shape personas around them. The goals for your brand are vital, knowing where you want your brand to go, will form the foundation of the work we do together.

Brand Strategy

Guided exercises to determine your brand’s value within the market place, as well as developing your brand’s positioning. These exercises help develop your brand's strategic messaging which can be used across all touch-points and content strategy that convey relevance to your audience.

The creative frame work is built in this phase, looking at benefits and values, customer journeys, messaging examples and building your brand’s unique positioning in the market place.

Brand strategy Roadmap Structure
Finalised brand identity execution

Brand Creation

Craft your new brand name and develop a brand identity to best represent it. These will be aligned with the insights developed in the Discovery phase.

Once all the insight and creative direction has been decided, the logo design, website and full brand identity will need to follow and speak to the insight created, so to best serve your target market.

Lets create your new brand

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mark hardie, brand strategist

Mark, the Strategist

I consider myself to be a creative hybrid, I find purpose while merging the worlds of communication strategy and brand design. Intentional, purpose-led communication that speaks to peoples needs and acknowledges business goals is the objective for any project.
Understanding why we do anything before setting out to do it and engaging in open discussions with collaborators is a priority that leads to the success on lasting relationships we create.

Brand Strategy

As a brand strategist, I will help transform your brand from where it is today, and get to where you want it to be in the future, while guiding on the steps you need to take to fulfil that dream. I look to uncover the key insights of your brand, to help diagnose areas of growth before rushing to prescribe creating any branding/websites/marketing material.


Design is a process, it informs & guides every step of the brand building experience. I love to create a visual journey for audiences to follow, where the appropriate information is digested at the right time. I have a general style that I work from, but each client's needs and taste are different, understanding and building a common ground before starting any project is vital to its success.