The Client is an educational website focusing on teaching isiZulu through language and storybooks. The company is run by Beverley Muller, who has had a long fulfilling career teaching and lecturing the Zulu language. She has written course work for the university of KwaZulu Natal and has had her books accredited for the use in various schools across South Africa.

The Problem to be solved
An initial website review revealed a website in need of an updated structure and messaging focus. The website wasn't mobile friendly, limiting the user experience when viewing on the phone. Limited imagery And supporting information for each of the books made the website very light in information, limiting the capacity for interaction.

Solution & Execution
The project was approached in multiple phases in order to manage the scope and scale of work. In-depth Brand Discovery sessions laid the foundations for the direction and tone of the site.

A big focus was to establish the site as the thought leader in learning Zulu. An approach was taken to provide free exercises to supplement any learnings from the books. And show the commitment towards education and development of the Zulu language. Inline further exerci and video content will be added.

The logo was refreshed to match the character of the site. The website was overhauled with refocused messaging, new imagery and a colour palette to give the brand greater depth and visual impact. The website Webflow, which provided a completely customisable structure, as well as a consistent look and feel.

No items found. was a website made quickly on Wordpress to help sell Zulu language and reader books. The site didn't show the enormous amount of work put into the range of books and expertise on offer.

The site required a new layout, product images and a fresh positioning to their respective customers.