The original brief was originally just to create a logo for a learnt to surf camp. We discussed the initial goals and hurdles the brand would have to navigate to become a successful business.

We agreed that a robust brand strategy process would uncover the value that the owner was looking to create with the business.

The final part of the brief is to create a website for the customers to familiarise themselves with the surf program and get excited to sign up for an African surf experience.

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Brand strategy & Identity Creation for Durban based Surf Camp company, Sukuma & Surf.

The Project sought to create an attractive brand to get predominately European based surfers and enthusiasts to sign up for short trips to learn to surf and grow their pwn identity within the surf culture.

The Project started with a brand strategy exercise. The process explored the brand they wanted to build, the customers they'd like to attract and the competition in the industry that would be positioned against. The strategy looked at creating an atmosphere that would attract surfers to make the trip to South Africa, and commit the time to growing their surfing skill within an African climate. We explored and created a creative frame work based on the values and elements of the camps, along with a customer journey to help the potential clients along their purchase decision journey.

The brand logo looked to represent a fun, professionally run Learn-to-surf camp that connects you to the ocean in an African setting. The logo presentation was a choice of 2 options, in the end Sukuma chose a dynamic and distinct logo that will visually capture the culture that brand is looking to cultivate.