The client

Resilience studio is a self initiated, conceptual project created to illustrate an idea of a 'flipped brand'. The studio is a physiotherapy practice for sportsmen and women who are seeking a community of healthy living and like minded professionals who compliment the lifestyle they choose to live. The brand idea is that of a company run by the needs its customers. Instead of creating a service to sell to a customer base, the studio would mould a service to be empathetic & fit the needs of an existing community.

The problem to be solved

The brand needed a tone and messaging system that position the service providers as experts in their fields without stating their medical credentials (which I expect is the minimum requirement for any medical practice to exist). A 'flipped brand' is one that is lead by the customers' needs and is imbedded within the community that surrounds the brand. The messaging and persona needed to be housed in a modern and vibrant website, showing capabilities and position within its community.

Solution & execution

The messaging foundation was built on a customer personas with specific needs and psychographic behaviours. A brand discovery exercise was done to highlight the brand attributes, persona & positioning.

A website wireframe and high fidelity layout was the final vessel to house the information and imagery of the concept.

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Does an understanding of their interests and concerns differentiate the studio enough & make it more relevant? Compared to a generic approach of stating expertise generalised offerings.

Focus was not on technical expertise of the studio itself, rather how to appeal to the smallest viable audience (Athletes / Crossfit / runners / swimmers). The website copy deliberately avoids statements starting with 'We....'; giving the website user opportunity to identify a life of positive change while being part of the community surrounding the studio.

Topics unpacked:
- Identity, Persona's needs & Emotional states associated with being part of the tribe.
- Tribe's characteristics, appeal & connections
- Deliberate understanding of the community and what they value
- Opportunity to connect beyond the place of business