The Client

Miss Lily is a skincare and Wellness centre based in Westville, Durban. The Centre is run by Leilah Colley, who is also hands on with the treatments and interactions with the clients. She is very hands on and gets to know all her clients very well. She is a driven client who seeks to excel and better herself at every opportunity.

The Problem to be solved

An initial website review revealed a website in need of an updated structure and messaging focus. The website wasn't mobile friendly, limiting the user experience when viewing on the phone. Limited imagery of the treatments and processes made the website text heavy and a lot to digest.

Solution & Execution

The project was approached in multiple phases in order to manage the scope and scale of work. An in-depth brand Discovery session followed by a the brand strategy laid the foundations for the messaging and visual direction. All messaging was based on a persona of the centre itself, targeted to specific personas to make sure broad, vague statements don't get ignored. the culmination fo the processes lead to the Brand strategy roadmap, a living document to which she can refer to on a regular basis.

The road map informed the visual tone of the brand. The logo was unique and fitting to her brand, it didn't require any changing. However the remainder of the brand language had to be defined, which gave opportunity for a style scape to be created to steer the visual direction.

Finally the website was overhauled with refocused messaging, new imagery and a colour palette to give the brand greater depth and visual impact. The website was built on Wordpress with the Elementor theme builder, which provided a solid structure, as well as a consistent look and feel.

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The full project was comprised of an in-depth Brand strategy, Style scape exploration & Website refresh for Miss Lily.
The brand Discovery focused on realigned of company attributes and defining the goals.

The Strategy defined their customer personas, as well as the messaging principles that apply to each persona. Value based messaging is applied across the site, with a deliberate effort to stay away from a 'selling features and benefits as the main messaging takeaway.

"Mark and I worked on my business’ full marketing strategy as well as a massive renewal and revival of my existing website. The website was done in 2013 and consisted of a lot more text than images. This became difficult for my prospective clients to navigate and although the SEO and language used was readable and easy to find on Google, it wasn’t ideal for client conversions.

We began the brand strategy process by spending time defining what my business’ ideals and values are. We aligned Miss Lily with similar, existing brands so that he could gain more familiarity with how we do things in our treatments and what clients we usually attract best. We then delved deeper into each individual client profile, naming each one (the “Dave”; the “Bernadette”; etc) and determining what kind of voice we could use for each one on the new website as well as in future email and social media marketing. Mark summarised about 7 hours of deep-diving into a concise pdf document which I could then hand over to my marketing team. This has helped the team get excited and get a lot more direction when it comes to designs and captions. They can now hone into each client profile and create well-worded posts which gain more momentum than before with regards to engagement.

Once the brand strategy process was complete, we moved on to the website. The brand strategy acted as the proverbial scaffolding for the website to be built on. He provided me with three overall “looks” for the brand - taking into consideration the three main values we hold close to us at Miss Lily - and these he explained to me so that I could make the most appropriate choice from there.

When we got started on the content of the site, Mark guided me in the right direction when it came to creating value statements for each treatment and was always eager and happy to help me if/when I got stuck. We did a few video calls as he updated me on his progress building the site - always making sure I was content with his work and on the same page as him when it came to finer details as well as the overall look.

At the end of the process, I have an easy-to-navigate, beautiful website which I can update myself as regularly as I need to. Mark has given me tips on how often I should update some of the changeable content and why.

Overall, Mark showed me that he cares about every step of the process - he communicated well with me; put in a lot of hours for the sake of perfecting the finished product; even checking in and helping me after it was published. He wasn’t afraid to ask for more from me when it came to details: all in the name of painting the perfect picture for my brand, which, after seeing it up online, I am hugely grateful for!"

- Leilah Colley ~ Miss Lily Wellness Centre