The brief was to breathe life into her brand that felt stale and pulled in different directions. The then company TWVA needed brand clarity for purpose and direction in order to grow and fulfil its potential. We were given full license to work through our process in order to get to the most suitable execution that satisfied the vision for the brand and best serve their customers.

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TWVA recruitment needed a brand refresh, from strategy to identity & visual execution.
After an extensive brand strategy & brand naming process we ended up with a clear positioning and name for the company. Crowscope, signifying the brilliant keen eye for new talent handpicked for their clients. Crowscope's purpose is to empower people, equipping them to become the heroes of their stories. To truly motivate and use their talents, to take advantage of thier gifts for the purpose of career development.

Crowscope Creates a culture of career development for candidates who open to coaching & growth, in order to maintain a high placement rate with specialised direction. 

The process for rebrand followed a tested method of creating style scapes that represent the brand in 3 different approaches. The Natural & elegant approach was chosen which lead the direction for logo and identity, as well as lead the creative execution for the next few years. The logo, colour, font and imagery followed the direction of the style scape. Last to be developed is the website, the full bodied representation of the brand where both candidates and employers will come to interact with the brand.