The client

BO's Plant & Tool Hire is a local Equipment hire company, who want to keep their brand image up to date in an ever changing market. BO's has positioning themselves for medium to large size construction projects who need quick & reliable access to equipment and construction plant, supplied by seasoned industry professionals.

The problem to be solved

The brand had refreshed their website in 2016, but a series of small tweak and changes had left the website fragmented with inconsistent messaging and irrelevant imagery on a few of the pages. Many branches had changed and changes to the company required an updatw to reflect the refreshed direction.

Solution & execution

The messaging foundation was built on a customer personas with specific needs and psychographic behaviours. A brand discovery exercise was done to highlight the brand attributes, persona & positioning.

A website wireframe and high fidelity layout was the final vessel to house the information and imagery of the concept.

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BO’s plant & tool hire site refresh

The previous version of the site was slightly unfocused, looking at too many customer markets not focusing on any real platform to speak with the customer.
The  communication shifted directly to the medium sized customer, working on smaller sites/projects, needing advice/best practice techniques.

There was a clear emphasis on the 'talk to us/get in touch' avenue of the site, providing the user multiple touch points to engage with the branches and key people in the business. The refocused site, talks directly to the customer base, with clear offering of products and services on offer.

Your partner in plant hire

Plant hire, technical expertise and efficient service only form part of the business. The company looks to uplift their customers knowledge and expertise while using the equipment, making the process of completing project smoother than expected.

BO’s looks to be the ‘offsite partner’ to their customers, ensuring they have the necessary support to complete any project, at any size.

BO’s is entrenched in the communities that their customers belong to, extending the partnership beyond the worksite, to programs to uplift the communities around them.