Who is your Smallest viable audience?

Who do you want to serve & what change do you seek to make?

January 5, 2021

Take time to discover who they are, what they want, how they think, what makes them happy, what drives them. Change their lives for the better & be consistent about how you do it. Do you know who your brand best serves?

Serve that audience with focus, clarity and intention. Focus on addressing their need sand understanding their pain points. focus brings higher quality, this drives impact. Properly directed impact is a vehicle for change.

Don't get distracted how 'everyone' could benefit. Show your expertise and understanding of a problem for a specific group of people.
Who ever you are serving, do it well. Everybody means average, everybody includes haters & time wasters, everybody wants something different.

Good news spreads. Your impact will reach further than expected, but don't get distracted with the reach. Focus on the positive change you can make the in lives of a specific group of people. Good news spreads.

Choose you you want to serve, or risk serving nobody.

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