What to think about when naming your business

A brand name is a reflection of who you are. Finding the right name for your brand will help connection and engagement.

June 28, 2021

What you do vs Who you are.
People and customers connect with people they relate to. A name that reflects a job function or business operation loses the ability to connect and steers the brand into a commodity business.

Names can be too descriptive and limiting. If the business grows and evolves, you'd want a name that is dynamic enough to evolve with you.

Does it reflect your brand strategy?  
Creating a name that amplifies your strategy (and goals as a business) helps build a tangible  connection when customers interact with the brand.

Every industry is filled with a sea of sameness, where naming structure is forgettable and conservative. Removing the job function as an appendage to your name, makes you more memorable than your competitors and increases your potential for a unique positioning presence.

Linguistically relevant.
Does the name sound good and add value to the perception of the brand? Look at meanings and translations of the words used to make sure it isn't culturally insensitive, or offensive.

A simple Benchmark for the name is to keep it under 5 words where possible. More words give more opportunity for customers to get the name wrong. Shorter names are punchy and assertive.

Are you able to register the name.
Registering your business name opens up the opportunity to interact with bigger clients. Making the name too similar to others in your industry can make it difficult to legitimise your brand. A unique, well researched name can give you the upper hand when securing the business registration.

Can reserve a web address?
A strong web URL for your business's website makes it easier for customers to find you while in the consideration phase of their buying journey. Don't get too hung up on just finding a .com web address, research the different types of URLs being used within the industry and what will help build a distinct web presence.

"Good names make you feel something". https://www.ahundredmonkeys.com/naming/
Does your name connect, build feelings of trust, happiness or reliability? Great names do a fantastic job in creating an emotional connection with your customer.

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