Sustainable Paper based packaging

Sustainable Packaging unpacked

January 3, 2024

New Windhoek Draught Cardboard Packaging

Shifts from traditional plastic shrink film to cardboard multipack boxes, for 6pack cans. This transformation could eliminate up to 550 tons of plastic from the shelves every year.

Embracing opportunities for innovation

The shift to eco-friendly packaging opens up avenues for innovation and creativity. Embracing new materials allows you to explore options that not only meet sustainability goals but also enhance the customer experience.

Sustainable design can set you apart from your competitors

Embracing sustainable packaging can set you apart from your competitors, positioning your company as a forward-thinking and responsible industry leader. It becomes a powerful  tool that resonates with consumers and boosts your brand's reputation. As a substrate, it can accommodate: Foil Stamping, Embossing and debossing, Eco laminates and Anti-counterfeiting advances.

Today's consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before.

They actively seek out brands that align with their values and commit to a sustainability driven business practice. Consumers expect brands to lead the way with their sustainability initiatives. They have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to plastic, mitigating the harm caused by non-biodegradable waste.

Environmental Impact: Only 2% of plastic packaging materials, globally, are recycled

Paper and eco-friendly materials are biodegradable, compostable, and often derived from renewable resources. Sustainable  Design thinking requires understanding of: The business priorities goals and priorities, supply chain conditions & The appetite of the consumer.

It’s becoming challenging for brands to overlook their impacts

Significant ecological change needs to begin at the source. Following the example set by Windhoek, is a great starting point.

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