Give your brand a personality

An overview of some brand archetypes to determine your brand's personality

February 8, 2021

A brand's personality is based on recognisable human behaviours. Part of the brand strategy process is to decide which behaviour your brand identifies with. These are organised into 12 key archetypes (best depicted by Brand master academy). Below are a few of the of the archetypes with characteristics & examples

The Creator: Expressive, Innovative, Artistic, Creative. Example Brands: Adobe, Crayola, Lego
The Explorer: Individualistic, Nonconformist, Rugged, Pioneering, Natural Example Brands: Jeep, First Ascent, The North Face, Patagonia
The Hero: Impactful, High-performing, Competitive, Tough, Efficient, Good. Example Brands: BMW, Adidas, Nike
The Jester: Welcoming, Fun, Freewheeling, Humble. Example Brands: Nandos, Web Africa , Old Spice
The Sage: Expert, Thoughtful, Scientific, Knowledgeable, Data-driven. Example Brands: Google, Ted, Vox
The Outlaw: Destructive, Revolutionary, Pioneering, Nonconformists. Example Brands: Space X, Naked insurance, Mzansi Meat co

Identifying the behaviour your business embodies, helps build a human connection with your customer.
Learn how to appeal to the specific needs & desires of your customer, to position yourself ahead of your competitors.

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Give your brand a personality