Can overly eco leaning businesses be patronising?

A stronger branding approach for sustainable brands

February 20, 2023

Being an eco conscious consumer is a balancing act of purchasing decisions between whats affordable and what my conscience says is the better option. Sustainable shopping can be pricey, as very often these products are produced in smaller batches and made with less commercially viable materials.

But this is is where my problem comes from. I feel Eco products lean too heavily on their eco/sustainable status, as opposed to making the best possible product in their category, with a USP of being sustainable produced/packaged. I fully support the eco friendly/sustainable options in my purchasing behaviour when budget allows for it. however, i feel a shift in positioning may give these products a wider consumer base, and have an overall bigger impact, compared to only targeting the eco minded consumer.

Relying too much on the 'eco-status' of the product pigeon holes the type of consumer who would be interest in purchasing the product and reduces the potential positive impact the sustainable product has on the environment. I often find some some messaging approaches are too eco minded and seem to shame people into making the sustainable purchase vs making the decision based on its quality, the story and it's impact it'll have on you short term + its global environmental impact in the long term.

A positive example would be who provide seasonal food and sourced for sustainability. Their packaging options use recyclable materials and promote reusable consumer practices, without being patronising.  

Can other sustainable minded businesses follow in this theme of positioning themselves as a high quality offerings brand, with driven by sustainabel mindset?

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