Building a brand from the ground up... Where do you start?

In order to understand your company's positioning, Leverage the 3 key pillars of customers, company and competitors to make the biggest impact.

November 10, 2021

It's good practice to understand your company's positioning. Leverage these 3 key pillars to make the biggest impact.

Start with your Customers:  Create buyer personas to define the scope of your customers. Uncover their needs, pain points and areas that you can make a difference in their lives.  Seek out ways to become Relevant.

Define where your company fits in: What do you provide & How are you making life better? Define & commit to the foundations that will define your company. Commit to credible business practices.

Be mindful of your competitors. Asses the industry, identifying what needs aren't being met & what gaps are worth filling. Competition is healthy, learn from others' mistakes. Take note of their wins too, success leaves clues. Seek to differentiate, in ways that make sense to the industry and to your customers.

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