The client

Cuts of Africa is a supplier of Venison meat to restaurants and independent meat retailers in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands area. The branding came with a refreshed name, formerly Umziki Hunting Safaris.

The problem to be solved

The logo needed to bear and distinguishable, that can be easily applied to packaging, invoices and brand collateral where needed.

Solution & execution

The logo process went through initial sketch options, transferred into vector representations. The final wordmark kept emphasis on the Africa that was beginning to be cut up and dissected much like the bulk venison would be, before distribution.

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Cuts of Africa

Venison meat distribution in KZN Midlands.

Locally sourced, distributed direct to restaurant (bulk) and consumer.

Adaption of Umziki Hunting Safaris, selling more meat to the consumer & hospitality at competitive pricing. Cuts of Africa gives the seller a wider range of meat to sell, and not limited to buck/deer of the area. Any wild animal shot to maintain species count on private land can be resold. All venison meat will be cut, processed & frozen before sold to customer and consumer.