The client

The Bike & Bean website refresh is a self initiated, conceptual project created to illustrate the community beach cafe culture, as well as a clear representation of their offering, including coffee, food and bike hire.

The problem to be solved

The current we site is light on information and imagery, which I felt gives the cafe its welcoming presence on the Durban beach promenade.  

Solution & execution

Initial layout and wire frame sketches for the homepage were recreated on Adobe XD where multiple iterations could be explored for a balanced layout. the imagery was taken from their existing social media pages, maintaining the culture built around around the brand. the focus was to highlight the striking visuals of the interaction between the beach and coffee cultures that exist. The execution showed the home page of the cafe with an overview of coffee on offer, as well as the selection of bicycles that people love to hire.

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Concept website UI for local cafe
The concept was focused around showing off the atmosphere of cafe, using existing imagery but with refreshed copy.

The coffee/bike section is a way to show the offering and the share overall feeling for people heading to the promenade/looking for a new local coffee shop. The offering displays value and incentive to visit, showing different options of food and drink, as well as communicating a sense of community.

Existing site is a single page, which i feel doesn't capture enough of the essence and atmosphere of the cafe. there is no offering or value add for any new potential customers, or enough to motivate someone to visit, compared to the other local cafe's on the beach promenade.

The roll over image for the coffee displays knowledge of the style of coffee, educating customers who don't know the difference, but at the same time assuring regular coffee drinkers about their pedigree.

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